Like all other sports, Scrabble is all about scoring more points than your opponent. An experienced player will never stop learning new words using the Scrabble word finder and learn efficient word tips on a regular basis. Scoring well is just not about gaining all those bonus scores available on the board but it also means using these two or three letter words effectively to broaden your play field. It also requires a better understanding of the game and a player who is more aware of the opportunities and threats that present themselves is likely to win. Optimum utilization of the premium bonus squares and gaining the most points out of the higher scoring tiles ensures you rack up upwards of 50 bonus points in a game.


Parallel plays are a concept that does not stick easily with the novice players. The most beneficial aspect about parallel plays is that you can double or triple your score with a small word placed on one of those premium squares. This lets you add to the value of the letters already on the board while presenting you with the opportunity of creating multiple new words with smart placement techniques. Learning to use these parallel placement techniques is not an easy task and requires a lot more practice.


Using the existing letters on the board with the letter on your rack can improve your game score by a massive margin. Hook opportunities present themselves at various points in the game and an experienced Scrabble player will always try and make the most of them. These hooks latch onto the existing words at the front or the back and can result in enhanced scoring opportunities for the player. You might be labeled a Scrabble cheat if you hook an existing big word placed by the opponent. You can visit Scrabble help websites to learn more about different tips, tricks and tactics related to hook words.