Scrabble Tactics by the Pros

Scrabble help and tactics talk about boosting your word playing skills and doing it the cunning and expert way. What about if you’re a mere beginner? How do you work your way to becoming one of the champs in this game? Are there any secrets that should be unraveled? Nigel Richards, a New Zealander who doesn’t even speak the English language won the Scrabble championship. The mind of this genius is not your average casual player who consults a Scrabble dictionary whenever he gets stuck. In the same way, he also won the French-language Scrabble championship without knowing how to speak a single French word.

No-Nonsense Scrabble Cheat from the Experts

So, how do you basically start up if you simply want to be the best? In the case of Mr. Richards, memorizing the entire dictionary of a French Scrabble is vital in joining and winning the tournament. As is learning two letter and three letter words. Do the same with the English Scrabble if English is not your primary language of use. If you can do that, then you are well on your way to claiming the seat of the champ. The Scrabble master reportedly did his memorization 9 full weeks prior to the contest.

Do Not Rely on Mere Beginner’s Luck

There are numerous Scrabble word tips to choose from especially if you check the Internet today. Some tutorials are more comprehensive and detailed so that you have no reason to just depend on beginner’s luck. Start with that mindset and you’ll have a great beginning in the world of Scrabble tournaments.

Learning that odd and high-value seven letter word or that seemingly unheard of a word that your opponent will be surprised to learn for the first time is a tough challenge. The Scrabble word finder is one of the tools that you can use for your quest towards Scrabble success.