Scrabble Tactics by the Pros

Scrabble help and tactics talk about boosting your word playing skills and doing it the cunning and expert way. What about if you’re a mere beginner? How do you work your way to becoming one of the champs in this game? Are there any secrets that should be unraveled? Nigel Richards, a New Zealander who doesn’t even speak the English language won the Scrabble championship. The mind of this genius is not your average casual player who consults a Scrabble dictionary whenever he gets stuck. In the same way, he also won the French-language Scrabble championship without knowing how to speak a single French word.

No-Nonsense Scrabble Cheat from the Experts

So, how do you basically start up if you simply want to be the best? In the case of Mr. Richards, memorizing the entire dictionary of a French Scrabble is vital in joining and winning the tournament. As is learning two letter and three letter words. Do the same with the English Scrabble if English is not your primary language of use. If you can do that, then you are well on your way to claiming the seat of the champ. The Scrabble master reportedly did his memorization 9 full weeks prior to the contest.

Do Not Rely on Mere Beginner’s Luck

There are numerous Scrabble word tips to choose from especially if you check the Internet today. Some tutorials are more comprehensive and detailed so that you have no reason to just depend on beginner’s luck. Start with that mindset and you’ll have a great beginning in the world of Scrabble tournaments.

Learning that odd and high-value seven letter word or that seemingly unheard of a word that your opponent will be surprised to learn for the first time is a tough challenge. The Scrabble word finder is one of the tools that you can use for your quest towards Scrabble success.

Scrabble cheat

The actual expression Scrabble Cheats comes with some diverse meanings, ranging from Scrabble cheat words and different anagrams on how to cheat at Scrabble suggestion that can develop the real game. There is no way to write a page that tells players how to cheat while playing Scrabble. Though, you will frequently find expressions like “Scrabble Cheat” or “How to Cheat at Scrabble” all over the Internet. Little ideas are listed beneath that are related to these terms. How to Cheat At Scrabble

There are some websites that are out there that will tell one how to cheat when playing Scrabble game. These are almost at all times done in a teasing manner. Some recommendation will contain creating a false dictionary which contains your own terms and some will suggest having 2 different tile bags, one with the good letters and the other one with the bad letters. Some websites will, in fact, tell players to be the score keeper so they can modify scores to be the winner. There are many ways to cheat at Scrabble. Scrabble Cheat

Scrabble Cheat will continue to help players in discovering the best word tips when playing the game online. The procedure is easy and players will immediately enter the letters they are holding. The software will afterward provide a list of likely words that can be placed using those tiles. Scrabble Helper

Scrabble help and Scrabble Cheats are just two of the general names that are used to illustrate software that will help out with any Scrabble game. Other names that may be found with an easy Internet search comprises of Scrabble word finder and Scrabble Advice. Each of these is pretty much similar and will ask for the letters that are being held and will make an available list of words that can be created. They just go by dissimilar names.


Like all other sports, Scrabble is all about scoring more points than your opponent. An experienced player will never stop learning new words using the Scrabble word finder and learn efficient word tips on a regular basis. Scoring well is just not about gaining all those bonus scores available on the board but it also means using these two or three letter words effectively to broaden your play field. It also requires a better understanding of the game and a player who is more aware of the opportunities and threats that present themselves is likely to win. Optimum utilization of the premium bonus squares and gaining the most points out of the higher scoring tiles ensures you rack up upwards of 50 bonus points in a game.


Parallel plays are a concept that does not stick easily with the novice players. The most beneficial aspect about parallel plays is that you can double or triple your score with a small word placed on one of those premium squares. This lets you add to the value of the letters already on the board while presenting you with the opportunity of creating multiple new words with smart placement techniques. Learning to use these parallel placement techniques is not an easy task and requires a lot more practice.


Using the existing letters on the board with the letter on your rack can improve your game score by a massive margin. Hook opportunities present themselves at various points in the game and an experienced Scrabble player will always try and make the most of them. These hooks latch onto the existing words at the front or the back and can result in enhanced scoring opportunities for the player. You might be labeled a Scrabble cheat if you hook an existing big word placed by the opponent. You can visit Scrabble help websites to learn more about different tips, tricks and tactics related to hook words.